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Women’s Circle Facilitator

Vikki empowers women to ignite their inner spark - uncover their life purpose, nurture self-love and follow the path of their intuition.

Becoming aware of your inner wisdom and the connection of the mind, body and spirit, empowers you to live with direction, confidence and courage! Step forward with self-belief while taking aligned action towards the life, career and goals you desire. Let Vikki help you soar towards a future that has been purposefully crafted by your own vision!

All of the answers we seek to create a life filled with clarity, confidence and success are available within us! Vikki is dedicated to inspiring women to embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the potential within! With a unique blend of coaching, support, guidance and accountability you can accomplish your goals with ease. It's time for transformation and to create the life you desire!


Intuitive coaching offers an incredible gateway into the depths of our being, connecting us with a powerful source within that holds all the answers. Gain clarity around passions and life purpose, release fears and challenge the inner critic’s voice. Define and achieve goals through confidence building and developing your intuition. Cultivate self-love and personal growth and take control of your destiny to manifest a life of joy and abundance!


Vikki is deeply passionate about empowering and nurturing children and adults alike in holding a strong sense of self and aims to inspire and educate through her range of upcoming Books and Card Packs. Vikki is honoured to have been chosen as a co-author standing alongside Dr Tererai Trent, distinguished as Oprah’s “All-time favourite guest” and other amazing women in the anthology - Ubuntu: On Whose Shoulders We Stand.


Women's circles are a sacred gathering of like-minded ladies, connecting, supporting and empowering each other through heartfelt conversations, rituals and the bond of community. Here we can find the strength to grow within ourselves as individuals while building meaningful relationships in an encouraging and inspiring environment! It is time for us all to come together and celebrate our sisterhood.

Thank you for the most amazing, rewarding and uplifting journey. You are warm and welcoming and I learned so much about myself. You are truly one of a kind and I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Thank you from my entire being.

Honi B

Vikki is a beautiful, caring, intuitive soul. The way in which she connects unconditionally with each person in circle, creates a calm nurturing healing environment, one in which you can allow yourself to release and heal through the process.

Samantha J

What an incredible experience! Vikki is the most beautiful, knowledgeable facilitator that understands we are all on our own journey. She sees the opportunity in every person and their potential. A truly amazing retreat experience!

Anna M

Working with Vikki has been inspiring, mind blowing and life changing to me. I don’t think I will ever think or feel about life the same way again. Thanks Vikki, you are so gifted and I have learnt and grown immensely.

Julie T

I feel honoured to have found Vikki. She is full of so much love, knowledge and understanding. I recommend her to anyone needing support, guidance or training.

Nicola W

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Hi, I’m Vikki

I'm here to support women around the world on their individual mission of self-discovery. I help women reconnect with themselves, reignite forgotten sparks of joy and create permanent positive impact in how they live daily life. If you're feeling weighed down by feelings like self-doubt or inadequacy, unclear in which direction to take in life, have an interest in the mind, body and spirit connection and wish to develop your inner wisdom then know this is your safe space for transformation.

As a Certified Holistic Counsellor, Life Purpose Coach and Energy Intuitive my unique blend of coaching offers compassionate guidance that incorporate systems, energy processes and practical tools. For over 16 years now it’s been my mission to guide women back into alignment with her inner truth. Are you ready to join me? Let’s ignite YOUR spark today!

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